Ethos & Values

Visions and Values of Newcastle CE Primary School.

At Newcastle CE Primary School we endeavour to provide each child that attends our school a safe, nurturing environment which encourages them to participate, achieve and succeed. We aim to provide a stimulating, fun and creative learning environment in which all children can access resources and equipment to aid their learning. All staff are dedicated to supporting the individual needs of each child: the beauty of a small school being that the tiniest change in a child can be recognised quickly, addressed and supported effectively.

All those in our school community – children, staff and governors – have contributed towards and discussed the values found at the heart of the school. For many years, we have referred to the 3Rs and 3Cs as important values for the children to have and after further discussion between the distinct groups within the community, these have been developed further.

Our Values:

Friendship and Family; Trust and Truth; Perseverance; Peace and Love; Thankfulness; Fair and firm. These are underpinned by the 3Rs and 3Cs: Respectful; Reliable; Responsible; Caring; Courteous and Considerate. These values are all as important in our lives as each other and to represent this, are displayed in a wheel on a wall in the hall that can be seen from the main entrance of the school for all of our school family and those who visit our school to see.

At Newcastle Primary School we see spirituality as an individual response to a stimulus that creates a feeling of wellbeing – that “oo or ah” factor, the warm feeling inside. We acknowledge that this does not necessarily have to be a religious experience but can be linked to having a belief. We give opportunities through the curriculum, the school day, and other opportunities within the community and elsewhere, for each child to develop their own individual spirituality. The children in the KS2 class of Newcastle Primary school have discussed spirituality and have identified the following as their definition of spirituality: Spirituality is a feeling of peace, calm, trust, joy, happiness and sometimes sadness that through reflection and experiences fills you up!

We aim to keep parents and the community informed of the work done in the school through the weekly school newsletter, Two Hoots and the local paper, the Clun Chronicle. We try to inform parents and the community of the work we do in school, with the church and the community and promote the values of the school through these publications.

Newcastle CE Primary School is a unique primary school in the fact that it is a family. A family that nurtures, cares, loves and supports each child that enters its doors for their education. An education that provides, not just academic learning, but tools and values that provide a lifetime of learning opportunities.

Psalm 86 v11: Teach me your ways, O Lord, that I may live according to your truth.