computing-montageComputers and other information handling devices are playing an ever increasing role in many areas of our work and everyday lives. It is the aim of the school to provide each child with a sound introduction to the use of computers, iPads, and other information/control devices and to see these as valuable aids and use them as tools in their work.
ICT is taught as a discrete subject with its own curriculum time. The skills directly taught are then applied in other areas of the curriculum. Children are encouraged to evaluate their own use of ICT and to choose when best to use it.
We are well equipped with a wireless curriculum network of 18 computers: 13 in the junior class; 5 in the infants. Teachers all have their own laptops. We have also recently invested in iPad minis. Both classrooms have interactive whiteboards and projectors and the junior class also has a ‘slate’ and electronic voting system. Children also have access to a colour printer, digital camera, remote sensing equipment, control box and programmable toys.
All children have access to email and the internet, this access is regulated by a special school policy.