english_montageSpeaking and Listening

The children are encouraged to speak clearly and fluently, expressing their own ideas through statements, discussion and drama; to listen and respond to other people’s ideas, whether those of an adult or a child.


We aim to teach reading through the enjoyment of books. We share the reading of books in school so that the children find pleasure in stories. We ask parents to take an active part in this process throughout the child’s time in the school. We use Oxford Reading Tree schemes in the Infants and in the Juniors along with other schemes and books to develop the skills needed for a child to become an effective reader. We have introduced a new reading scheme by Phonic Books aimed at more reluctant readers. We use the Magic Belt series, Alba Series, Totem Series,Talisman Series, Titan’s Gauntlet Series, and Amber Guardians Series.  We encourage children to read for pleasure and to use books as a source of information.
We are aware that the children have a wide variety of pre-school experience with books and are sometimes reading when they enter school. Our system enables us to place children on an individualised programme of reading to meet their needs and to use existing skills.
We use a wide variety of teaching methods and resources


Each child is encouraged to write both creatively and factually, using a wide vocabulary and cor-rect pronunciation; to spell correctly and to develop a good handwriting style; to know the basic
grammatical rules of written English.