Religious Education & Collective Worship

RE-montageNewcastle is a Church of England school and we follow the New Shropshire Agreed
Syllabus for R.E., which aims to help young people to achieve a knowledge and
understanding of religious experiences, insights, beliefs and practices. This will enable
them to deepen or realise their own beliefs and respect the freedom of others to hold
beliefs different from their own . R.E. is mainly Christian, though children are introduced
to the teaching and practices of other principle religions represented in Britain.
We aim for R.E. to be enjoyable and meaningful through the use of artefacts, visits,
experiences and stories. Links are also made with art, music, drama and other parts of the curriculum.

The whole school meets for a daily Act of Worship which may be led by either teacher,
the Vicar or Open the Book (Local Christian Group). It takes a variety of formats, usually
using a combination from singing of hymns or songs, listening to music, stories, discussions, circle time, quiet reflection and prayer.
Weekly themes are followed e.g. forgiveness, giving, journeys.
We participate in Harvest, Remembrance, Carol Services and Mothering Sunday Services.
N.B. Parents may withdraw their children from Collective Worship and alternative provision for these pupils will be arranged.